Welcome to our ministry. My name is J. C. Del Valle. I’m an evangelist to the nations and a prophet to this generation.  I am happily married to my beautiful wife Kim. We have been in this covenant relationship for the past 23 years and have two sons, Joshua Michael and Caleb Wesley.

For the past two decades we have traveled around the world reaching multitudes with the gospel of Jesus Christ. The truths we have taught have created a better world and have lifted thousands from the ashes of hopelessness and despair. In Europe, North, South and Central America we have shared the only message that works. That message is simple but powerful: “The Son of God was manifested so that He might destroy the works of the evil one.” Jesus, saves, heals and delivers people from bondage and oppression. He has the Name that is above all names.

When we repent from our sin, receive Him in our hearts and are baptized with the Holy Spirit, our world changes for ever and our lives take on a new meaning. Kim and I are living witnesses of His liberating power. Knowing Him and the power of His resurrection has been the greatest joy in our lives. Nothing compares to that knowledge. What we have seen with our eyes, heard with our ears and handled with our hands, concerning Jesus’ miracle life, that we have declared and manifested to tens of thousands.

As we go back to the nations and the cities where our ministry has been, we hear countless accounts of miracles, healings and transformations that took place. Nothing enlivens our souls more than seeing our Lord Jesus setting precious people free from the power of darkness. Everywhere I go I am reminded of the word the Holy Spirit spoke to me 20 years ago: “Deliver those who are drawn toward death, and hold back those stumbling to the slaughter.” Proverbs 24:11.

You can count on me as one of your friends. Love you

J.C. Del Valle