At Vibrant Life our mission is to lead people experience Jesus in a real way. To accomplish this mission we go beyond the weekend experience. We believe with all of our hearts that it is important to find a community to help you live out your faith. The next steps process is made up of four uniquely designed events, each helping you take a step closer to God’s plan for your life. Weather your next step involves baptism, joining a small group, attending the inside track class or serving as a volunteer, we are here to help you all the way.


Baptism is an incredibly important step in the life of every Christian. It is a public declaration of a person’s commitment to Jesus Christ. At Vibrant Life we encourage all new believers to be baptized. When we are immersed into the water, we identify ourselves with our Lord Jesus in His death and burial. When we are raised up out of the water, we identify ourselves with the Resurrection of Jesus and the hope of eternal life. Baptism also gives the rest of us an opportunity to celebrate with you.

Depending on where you are, baptism might look different. You may be baptized at the main arena, at the beach, at a lake or a river. We will provide everything you need to be baptized, including t-shirts, shorts, and towels. 


When you’re looking to get connected, the inside track is the place to start. The Inside Track process is designed to help you understand the mission and culture of Vibrant Like Church. This class is open to everyone and will make it easier for you to find an area of interest where you can serve with your gifts and talents.


Our small groups meet regularly to study the Bible, pray for one another, and build lasting relationships. We have interest groups of all kinds: men, women, married couples, young adults. Also we have groups for those who love sports and the outdoors.


Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, there are plenty of places where you can serve at Vibrant Life. Being a volunteer doesn’t necessarily mean a weekly commitment, most opportunities to serve in a ministry offer flexible options.